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Everything happens for a reason…

 You don’t have to be great to get started,

…but you have to get started to be great.

I am a passionate, motivating, persistent, artistic person with a great sense of humor. As a hard worker,  I always enjoy new challenges!

I have a passion for animals and have always had dogs, birds and fish in my life my home is not complete without them. I am passionate about birds, some who know me well, call me a “bird nut” or I’ve gone to the birds!” At one point I even provided a home to a few rescued animals. It was so rewarding to give them a second chance; One day I would hope to support a parrot sanctuary.

You have to fall in love with what you sell, then that love will sell itself. 

35 years ago I started my own aesthetics business. I greatly enjoy my line of work which allows me to be innovated, versatile and flexible.

Although there are many challenges to being self-employed, I continue to be motivated to invest my time and energy in professional development, staying up-to-date with new trends and products, and my own personal self-care.

I love working in aesthetics. I specialize in foot care, artificial nails, facials, and waxing. I wanted to continue my professional development and move into alternative and more natural products and services. Over several years I completed training to stay current in my profession. This is when I completed training in Reflexology and Reiki I & II. From there continued my learning in Cosmetic, Paramedical and Body Art Tattooing. My goal was to complete my Paramedical portfolio and work part-time in a surgeon’s office tattooing areolas for patients requiring breast reconstruction.  I strongly believe that life is too short not to take advantage of new learning.

As time went on I started to sell Protandim in my office. I couldn’t keep it on the shelf long enough. Then I started using the True Science Skin Care Regime on a daily basis and noticed amazing results with my skin, since I suffered from Rosacea… I just love it!

A close friend suggested that it would be in my best interest to become a distributor. I was hesitant to become a distributor for a (MLM) Multi-level marketing company because I was not well informed on the subject.  I started to investigate this company and I liked what I found, so I decided to sign up and I have never looked back!

Within the first month I had already signed up three distributors that were excited about the incredible benefits of this product. Within one year I gained a pro five designation which didn’t mean much to me at the time. I was just happy to learn and educate people on the true benefits of Protandim.

I enjoyed growing and connecting with an amazing, positive team. My business with LifeVantage keeps growing. I will be totally honest, it’s not always easy. Not everyone will see the benefits or the importance of this product and that’s ok. But as an entrepreneur, I have made a commitment to put the time in and to share this great product with as many people as possible “good or bad, up or down” and when you do, it will pay off!

Cindy Gallagher

I've been there...

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